Welcome to DWMA Ballet Academy! 

As we celebrate our 10th season, we invite you to our studio, located at 3595 Canton Rd. Marietta, Ga. 30066 .(Kroger Shopping Center). DWMA offers quality  dance instruction to children ages two - Adults!

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Fall Studio SCHEDULE 2022


Studio B

Mondays  4:15-5:00 pm    Ballet/Tap I ages 3-5 yrs. (Miss Andrea)

Mondays  *5:00-6:00 pm  Ballet/Tap /Jazz II  ages 6-9 yrs. (Miss Andrea)                                      *Previous Dance experience*

Mondays     6:00-7:00 pm    Ballet/Tap/Jazz III ages 9 & up  (Miss Andrea)

Mondays    7:00- 7:45 pm      Teen Ballet (Miss Andrea)

 Studio A                                

Mondays   5:15-6:15 pm   Ballet/Tap II ages 5 1/2 - 9 yrs 

Mondays  6:15-7:00 pm Ballet/Tap I ages 3-5 yrs

Mondays    7:00-7:45 pm Ballet II ages 6-9 yrs


Studio A


Tuesdays   5:45- 6:30 pm Ballet/Tap I  ages 3-5 yrs.  

Tuesdays   6:30 -7:15 pm Ballet/Tap II ages 6-9 yrs

Studio B

Tuesdays    6:30-7:30 pm Ballet III  ages 8-12 yrs (Miss Layla)

Tuesdays    7:30-8:15 pm *Contemporary dance ages 9 & up (Miss Layla) A Ballet technique or ballet/combo is required as Co-requisite*


Studio A

Thursdays     4:30-5:15 pm Ballet/Tap I ages 3-5 yrs

Thursdays     5:15-6:00 pm Musical Theater ages 6 & up

Thursdays     6:15-7:00 pm Hip Hop 2 ages 7 & up

Thursdays     7:00-7:45  pm  Hip Hop 1 ages 5-8 yrs.

Studio B

Thursdays 5:30-6:15 pm   Ballet/Tap I ages 3-5 yrs. (Miss Andrea)

Thursdays    6:15- 7:00 pm    Ballet/Tap /Jazz II ages 5 1/2- 9 yrs. (Miss Andrea)

Thursdays    7:00-7:45 pm    Ballet III  ages 9 & up (Miss Andrea)


Studio B

Fridays 10:30-11:15 am  Ballet/Tap I ages 3-5  yrs. (Miss Kate)

Fridays  11:15-12:00 pm  Homeschool Ballet/Tap II ages 6-10 yrs.  (Miss Andrea)


Studio A 

Saturdays 10:30-11:00 am Creative Movement/Ballet ages 2/3 (Miss Kate)

Saturdays 11:15-12:00  pm  Ballet/Tap I ages 3-5 yrs . (Miss Courtney) 

Studio B

Saturdays  10:30-11:15 am  Ballet/Tap I ages 3-5 yrs. (Miss Courtney)

Saturdays  11:15- 12:00 pm  Ballet/Tap II ages 6-9 yrs (Miss Andrea)

Saturdays  12:00-1:00 pm Adult Ballet   (Miss Andrea)